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06 Apr 2021 12:50 PM | Anonymous

Meet the WADA Art Tubs Artist, Saumitra Chandratreya

Artist Statement

I am an immigrant to the United States and I engage with my surroundings with the lens of that identity. I walk the fine line of being an observer and a participant. My art has evolved over the years to engage more with my immediate social roles and that has pushed my art to involve social issues.

   I create abstract images, decorative overall patterns and text heavy pieces. I use formal as well as colloquial gay language in my text pieces. Current social commentary and pop culture play an important role in informing my practice.  

I believe that textiles are a versatile medium for contemporary art. I like molding them to create objects, sculptural pieces, wall mounted pieces and installations. I have an affinity for transparent and translucent materials and ordinary materials that aren’t associated with fine art.

  Contemporary art enables me to weave in various mediums to achieve a goal or to embark on an exploratory journey. I believe in the power of art and its ability to impact popular opinion and bring about social change. I think about contemporary art in the context of everyday and I want my art to reach across barriers, tactile and emotional.

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