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29 Apr 2021 11:34 AM | Anonymous

Artist Statement by Anna Broshears:

My art is an expression of what I am feeling at the moment I am painting. The techniques used take form in whatever is happening to me at the time I am painting. Like me, it is unpredictable and varies from subject to subject. Sometimes my work is precise or impressionistic, or abstract with a lot of dripping and throwing. Painting is enjoyable and performed as joy. Many of my paintings are the result of several experimental approaches. I often will paint four or more paintings of the same scene or image to achieve my desired outcome, those results I often discover quite by accident.

My background is in the sciences and medical field, but nothing brings me as much fulfillment as when I am alone in my studio. The ultimate satisfaction is watching the faces of people as they gaze upon my work and I see a sparkle in their eye. Art, whether in the form of paintings, music, dance, photography, is the connection of one person to another. A connection that is personal and individual between the performer and the viewer. It is that connection that inspires and motivates me.

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