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Dome Industrial Area Markers Project Winners Announced

12 Feb 2020 11:30 PM | Anonymous

In October, WADA, in conjunction with the City of St. Petersburg and The Deuces Live, released a call to artists to commission six artists or artist teams to refinish the surface of each Dome Industrial area marker in the locations around the Warehouse Arts District. The 122-acre Dome Industrial Park was a redevelopment project begun by the City of St. Petersburg in 1999. It began as a collection of nearly seventy small residential, commercial, and industrial parcels, acquired over a three-year period. Initially erected as homage to an industrial development, this art project seeks to return these structures to the neighborhood and the people who continue to reside within its boundaries. The Call to Artists was open to all artists who live or work within St. Petersburg and gave $11,500 for the larger marker and $4,500 for three smaller markers. 

Congrats to the selected artists, announced in December 2019!


Sign Location

Elaine Chambliss

28th Street S. | 5th Avenue 

Susanne Sangricco 

28th Street S. | Fairfield Avenue

Zulu Painter

5th Avenue S. | 22nd Street (trail)

Catherine Weaver

1st Avenue S. | West of 22nd Street 

Justin Sears

1st Avenue S. | East of 20th Street 

Brian McCallister

5th Avenue S. | East of 19th Street

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