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3 Daughters Open Letter to Local Officials

31 Mar 2020 1:32 PM | Anonymous

Mike Harting, CEO of 3 Daughters Brewing, writes an open letter to elected officials, on behalf of small businesses in St Petersburg (and everywhere). He writes that small businesses need: 

Small Business thoughts:

  • Speed is of the essence -- we do not have lines of credit or reserves; we need cash to prime the pump.
  • Tax credits do not help -- we will not make it that far.
  • Loans will not help -- that simply prolongs and defers our struggle.
  • Use the SBA and its lending partners to disperse cash -- NOW.  Create an easy formula for banks to follow; last year verified P&L, average total expense per month x2. 
  • Suspend all taxes and licensing for 6 months. We pay sales tax on rent in my state -- get rid of it. We pay an excise tax on manufacturing in my industry -- get rid of it. We pay tax on the payroll -- get rid of it. Give us six solid months to build up cash.

His whole letter is viewable here

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