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Featured Artist Member: Andrea Pawlisz

28 May 2020 1:54 PM | Anonymous

Andrea Pawlisz’s art incorporates nostalgic, simple themes and images in a loose, vintage, pop realism style. While Andrea is known for her contemporary works, she draws on a variety of inspirations and many different styles for her work, including coastal themes, urban furniture, and what she calls subway art, which focuses on city signage. She says that vintage toys and icons are among her favorite subjects. 

Educated in architecture and graphic design, with over 30 years of experience, Andrea’s skills in advertising, print design, logo design, sign making are evident in her art.  Her art is colorful and uplifting, intending to transport the viewer to a better time.  

Andrea is a resident artist at the ArtsXchange Studios and you can visit her once Art Walks resume in Studio 119. 

We asked Andrea a few questions about her artistry and inspirations. 

Where are you from? 

I am originally from Chicago and moved to St Pete in 2002. I went to architecture and graphic design school in Arizona. Work has been at an advertising agency, a graphic studio and two sign companies. 

How long have you been a full-time artist?  

My freelance career exceeds 30 years and self-employment of fine art and graphics for 18. I opened a coffee and art bar on central ave in 2003 that I sold in 2007. (I got lucky, it was right before the crash, an accidental genius)

Where do you draw inspiration?  

Inspiration comes from everyday events, tv and advertising. 

How has your style evolved over time? 

The evolution of my work is in the content, revealing bits of myself which connects to the viewer.

What do you value about part of the WADA and the ArtsXchange community? 

The ArtsXchange has introduced me to several artists to which I have become close. Meaningful relationships with like-minded people are incredibly valuable for professional as well as personal growth. 

How are restrictions related to COVID affecting you? 

It has been difficult managing these last few months in my studio alone, without them. The closing of our building has disallowed my clients from coming to view or purchase art, view proofs or pick up printing for example. It also cut off artwalk which brought people through to view, purchase and commission art. There have been no sales since the first week of March, so I am using my stimulus check from the government to pay my studio rent. Lastly, the gallery where I work has been closed for 2 1/2 months, so I have been without that income as well. 

You can learn more about Andrea here: 


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