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Featured Artist Member: Andree Tracey

05 Jul 2020 7:29 PM | Anonymous

Andrée Tracy uses painting an an expression of energy, a way to tap into all of her senses using paint as the medium. Like words for the poet or notes for the musician, she says that brush strokes become a vehicle for transmitting her emotions. Andrée layer colors and textures to explore sensory impact, embracing or reworking the “accidents” while trusting the painting to lead the way.

She says she draws inspiration from the complex forms of beauty seen in our less than perfect world, distilled in her memory. Each painting is a unique journey, filled with new discoveries, always open to individual interpretation by the viewer.

Andrée was born in La Jolla, California. Her family moved to Iowa, however, and she grew up on her father's miniature golf course, on a bluff overlooking the Missouri River.  After many holes-in-one, blizzards, tornadoes and a BFA from the University of Iowa, she hastened back to sunny Southern California and a career in the arts. There she found inspiration in the tropical light, the "anything can happen" mentality, the thrift shops and the fantasy of Hollywood's cinematic culture. Her paintings and collage work have been widely collected and exhibited, and her illustration work has been utilized by advertising clients as well as corporate groups and private individuals.

Andrée recently moved to St. Petersburg, Florida and gives thanks every day for the opportunity to pursue her passion for a life in the arts.

"Night Blooms"

Acrylic paint on canvas

48" x 48"

"Reflections at Midnight"


36" x 48"



48" x 36"

"Imperial Water Lily"


48" x 48"


Acrylic paint on canvas

42" x 36"

You can more about Tracy here: 

  • www.andreetracey.com 
  • www.Instagram.com/andreetracey 
  • www.graphitegirl.etsy.com 
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