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Impact of the WADA Relief Fund

20 Aug 2020 1:08 AM | Anonymous

WADA was so fortunate to have the generous support of donors; we were able to give 20 grants of $500 each earlier this summer. From the comments we have received, it is clear those grants made an impact in the recipients’ lives.  We thought we would share some of the comments we received.

”Thank you for supporting me during this pandemic.  Your donation helped me to move forward with my surgery by helping me to cover the deductible. I am now back planning and creating to promote ART.”

”It is hard for me to put my gratitude towards WADA into words for a helping hand. The USD 500 grant has been used to pay essential necessities as part of my month’s rent, bills (electricity, water) and food. Forever grateful.”

”The stress and uncertainty over the past few months has been financially and mentally challenging. As a full time working artists, this grant was a breath of relief for a moment in time where I was able to pay my health insurance and buy groceries along with a few studio supplies that will help me continue to create art and goods for my community. I am just so proud to be a part of a community that supports local artists especially during times of need. Thank you again for your continued support of the local arts. It truly means more than words can express.”

”The WADA grant was a bit of relief in this very difficult time. I was able to use the funds to help pay a month’s worth of rent at the ArtsXchange and have portioned the rest of the funds as reinvestment into a better backdrop system to offer more professional headshots in my studio. The funds were able to relieve financial stress and allowed me to re-invest into my business; diversifying my services so that I may have a more stable business for the future.”

”The WADA Artist Relief fund has enabled me to pay basic bills, so I can continue to work in the studio creating for the future while also working on new business methods, so I can adapt to the changes that Covid-19 has brought. It is giving me time to deal with the overwhelming reality of  having my well developed plans and methods for showcasing my art suddenly become unavailable. Thank you for your support.”

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