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Ask Miss Lonely Arts!

20 Aug 2020 1:10 AM | Anonymous

Dear Darling Readers -

My name is Miss Lonely Arts and I’ll be here every week to answer all your questions about art, love, relationships, and of course our fabulous Warehouse Arts District Association.  Some have called me a know-it-all (my mother, for instance) and they’re right.  I know it all!  So bring it on!  Ask whatever questions you want and feel free to comment on my answers.  Really good ones will be published in the Digest and in our WADA blog and I’ll try to answer everyone. You can reach me at MissLonelyArts@gmail.com.

And here’s our first question from “Looking for Love at WADA”:

Dear Miss Lonely Arts,

I recently ended a tragic relationship and now am looking for love in all the right places.  I’m thinking my best bet is to focus on artists. Which artists make the best lovers?


While glass blowers might seem like the obvious choice... all artists are great in the sack.  Creativity, patience, and perseverance - hallmarks of great lovemaking - are all part of great art making. 

Painters are sensitive, photographers are observant, sculptors and welders are strong, ceramic artists and potters are earthy, and jewelers, weavers, and mosaic artists have wonderful small motor skills.  Yeah, artists will definitely ring your bell.


Miss Loney Arts

Frequently Wrong But Never In Doubt!

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