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Want to know what the Warehouse Arts District Association is up to?  Learn about the latest in this blog with features intended to keep members up to date. Also, members should join our closed Facebook group: the WADA Member Network

  • 05 Jul 2020 7:29 PM | Anonymous

    Andrée Tracy uses painting an an expression of energy, a way to tap into all of her senses using paint as the medium. Like words for the poet or notes for the musician, she says that brush strokes become a vehicle for transmitting her emotions. Andrée layer colors and textures to explore sensory impact, embracing or reworking the “accidents” while trusting the painting to lead the way.

    She says she draws inspiration from the complex forms of beauty seen in our less than perfect world, distilled in her memory. Each painting is a unique journey, filled with new discoveries, always open to individual interpretation by the viewer.

    Andrée was born in La Jolla, California. Her family moved to Iowa, however, and she grew up on her father's miniature golf course, on a bluff overlooking the Missouri River.  After many holes-in-one, blizzards, tornadoes and a BFA from the University of Iowa, she hastened back to sunny Southern California and a career in the arts. There she found inspiration in the tropical light, the "anything can happen" mentality, the thrift shops and the fantasy of Hollywood's cinematic culture. Her paintings and collage work have been widely collected and exhibited, and her illustration work has been utilized by advertising clients as well as corporate groups and private individuals.

    Andrée recently moved to St. Petersburg, Florida and gives thanks every day for the opportunity to pursue her passion for a life in the arts.

    "Night Blooms"

    Acrylic paint on canvas

    48" x 48"

    "Reflections at Midnight"


    36" x 48"



    48" x 36"

    "Imperial Water Lily"


    48" x 48"


    Acrylic paint on canvas

    42" x 36"

    You can more about Tracy here: 

    • www.andreetracey.com 
    • www.Instagram.com/andreetracey 
    • www.graphitegirl.etsy.com 
  • 05 Jul 2020 5:16 PM | Anonymous

    Thank you for your submission to the WADA Artist Member Show with the theme, I need a drink! Cocktail Hour! Due to the uncertainty surrounding the pandemic and the skyrocketing number of positive cases, WADA does not yet have plans as to when it will be able to hold future events in person. For the time being the member show is postponed until further notice. We have accepted current submissions and are displaying them here below! We will accept more submissions on a rolling basis.  

    Congratulations to these artists, and additionally, thanks for your patience! 

    As announced previously, Damien Bertucelli of Vantage Point Advisors of Raymond James has sponsored this member show and thanks to him, we will have prizes of $300, $200 and $100 for best of show paintings! It's our first sponsored member show, but hopefully not our last! Awarding of prizes will take place when we have a live show.

    Mirella Cimato

    Rose Hip Syrup Please!           


    14.5 in x  18.5in


    Zhanna Thomas

    A Sip Of Wine




    Pamela Joy Trow

    Wine-ing In-Place

    Acrylic + Ink

    18 in x 16 in


    Pamela Joy Trow

    Dying For Tequila

    Embellished digital print

    18 in x 16 in


    Dacota Maphis

    Happy Hour With Friends in 2020




    Don Silvestri



    18in X 20in


    Don Silvestri



    18in X 20in


    Patricia Tierney Moses

    Sauvignon Sunset


    20 in X 16in 


    Deserie Valloreo

    Tuscan Gold


    16in x 20in


    Darlene Meisenholder

    Missing You


    16in x 20in


    Gregory Irwin

    Wishful Dreams

    20in x 20in

    Acrylic on Canvas


    Elaine Chambliss Dogan                           

    "I'll have One of Those"          

    Oil and Acrylic on Canvas       

    20 x 16


    Leila Martini                                      

    Bombay Sapphire

    Alcohol and india ink on yupo paper

    12 x 15.5


    Terry Scopelliti

    Martini Bath

    Photography/ Ink Jet Print on Metal Paper   

    16 x 20 55

    Qing Wang

    It’s time to drink


    20 x 10


    Annette Blocker

    Last Call


    11 x 14


  • 29 Jun 2020 4:04 PM | Anonymous

    Meredith Rodgers is the COO of Sapphire Audio Visual Experts. It is a local family business here in St. Petersburg, Florida. Sapphire AV Experts specializes in commercial and high end residential properties covering everything from surveillance systems, multi-zone audio systems, commercial satellite, custom home theaters to automation and WIFI issues. Two years ago they purchased land at 2950 5th Ave. S, inside the Warehouse Arts District, as of 2019 their new headquarters. She also owns an organic pesticide business - ATLAST! Organic Products.  

    Meredith is married to John Rodgers, the lead Engineer and co-owner for Sapphire. They are also the parents of two children, Jake who is 5, and Skyler is 4. John was Meredith’s first kiss in the 6th grade in Winter Haven Florida where they grew up. But, they ran in different crowds. She went on to attend Florida State and he to the University of Wisconsin. Fast forward twenty years and they found themselves living in St. Pete a few streets away from each other. They met for lunch and the rest is history.

    They are so excited to be a part of WADA  and all it entails. John grew up around the arts, as his father was a professor of theater at Rollins College. Meredith loves art in all forms and knew this was a great opportunity to get involved with a blossoming new district known as the Warehouse Arts District. She enjoys its culture, the sense of community and they were landowners. According to Meredith, “It just made good sense to become a [business] member of the Association!” 

  • 26 Jun 2020 11:46 AM | Teresa Sullivan (Administrator)

    There are just 12 more hours to apply for $500 grants.  Get your application in to be considered for these grants.

    You do NOT have to be a member of WADA to apply -  all artists who have been negatively affected by COVID-19 are encouraged to apply. 

    For more details and access to the Application Form go to:


  • 19 Jun 2020 3:29 PM | Anonymous

    As a nation, we find ourselves divided again by racism, fighting for human rights, all while in the midst of a global pandemic. The senseless murders of far too many African American men and women – most recently of George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, and Ahmaud Arbery – weigh heavy on our hearts. We share the hurt, fear, anger and frustration so many are experiencing. 

    The Warehouse Arts District Association is committed to a future where black people and people of color in this nation and everywhere live freely, comfortably and securely. 

    We stand against racism, by any means.

    We are committed to providing a safe space, promoting equality and justice and serving our entire community. 

    We support the fundamental rights of black lives and insist that Black Lives Matter.

    It is our duty to call out, denounce and to stand against acts of racial injustice and hate.

    We have always been and remain committed to working with the black community to improve the Warehouse Arts District, to create an environment of safety, which uplifts every member of the community, promotes creativity and serves the needs of the entire community. 

    We are proud of the residents of our city who are peacefully protesting to demand racial justice. We are proud of every American and our supporters overseas who are standing up for what is right. We stand with you.

  • 18 Jun 2020 12:56 PM | Teresa Sullivan (Administrator)

    The Warehouse Arts District Association (WADA) Artist Relief Fund Deadline for applications is now Midnight, Friday June 26, 2020. 

    You do NOT have to be a member of WADA to apply -  all artists who have been negatively affected by COVID-19 are encouraged to apply. 

    For more details and access to the Application Form go to:


  • 15 Jun 2020 1:50 PM | Anonymous

    Francine Michel’s art combines the delicate Chinese approach to painting while using the encaustic wax technique. She says that encaustic painting enhances the Chinese approach with its luminous inherent quality.  She has been working with those two art forms for over a quarter of a century now.  

    Born in New York, she moved to St. Petersburg for professional reasons.  She said the thriving art community here was an amazing surprise. With a Ph.D. in rehabilitation counseling, Francine spent her career helping individuals with injuries return to work. She set up departments within the insurance industry, as an assistant vice president with Swiss Re and and as an occupational consultant with MetLife.  She also taught college as an adjunct. Now, she splits her time between Florida and New Mexico, which offers her varied inspiration from the mountain and coastal scenes. 

    Her journey to find her artistic style began with a friend bringing her rice paper from China.  Browsing and drinking tea for hours in a Brush Store while seeking just the right brushes followed. “Chinese painters describe floating in and around their landscapes and capturing what they see.  This magic carpet technique spoke to me,” Michel said. She added that touches of a hot wax pen layered on top recalls the brush movement on rice paper.  Rich colors and textures emphasize details in the work.  Inspired by combining both techniques, Francine began to explore the trees of Florida and their various roots, bark and branches, which you can see in the paintings shown here.

    Francine has long been a member of the Warehouse Arts District Association and a cherished member of the association’s Education Committee, which puts together free professional development programming for artist members and has been working on community art programs for local youth. 

    We asked her about her life and unique artistic style: 

    How did you develop your artist style?  

    Encaustic wax gives the work, texture and effects that I wanted. Encaustic wax is a responsive medium that welcomes touch when producing it and after it is finished.  Chinese painters describe flying into and through a landscape.  This approach suited my taking others along with me to see what I am seeing.  This included using rice paper and outlining forms to suggest movement and make the brilliant encaustic colors more vivid.  

    How has your style evolved over time?  I worked in both encaustics and Chinese painting about a quarter of a century ago.  Afterwards, I explored everything from watercolor to ceramics.  Now I am back to both encaustics and Chinese painting and have found that combining the two is perfect for the present time.

    How long have you been an artist? 

    Art has always been  part of my life. Just saying and writing here that I am a full time artist makes me happy.  I am thankful that obtained a Ph.D. that allowed me to contribute and be rewarded for my career.  

    Where do you draw inspiration?  

    Residing in St. Petersburg and New Mexico, I am challenged to be able to create beach scenes as well as mountains that nature has made quite special.

    What do you value about part of the WADA and the ArtsXchange community? 

    Serving on the Education Committee has been a part of WADA that I cherish.  It has taught me how much can  be accomplished by a small group that works hard and well together.  

    How are restrictions related to COVID affecting you? 

    One artist said instead of "shelter in place," we should say "artist-in-residence."  I put that sign on my door.  Both the Education Committee and my Florida Wax group have been meeting by Zoom.  Since artists love to share their work and ideas, I have found this form of communication to satisfy that need.


    Learn more about Francine’s work: 

  • 08 Jun 2020 5:53 PM | Anonymous
    • Full-time Position

    • Hours are not limited to weekdays 9-5

    • Reports to the Executive Director

    • Part of the WADA staff leadership team

     Property/Facility Management

    • Point of Contact and management of maintenance of the ArtsXchange property

    • Vendor Management (Landscaper, Cleaning Crew, Pest Control, Operational Staff)

    • Provide onsite access to the ArtsXchange during agreed upon business hours

    • Onsite property management leasing to include ArtsXchange Campus – Studios, Shoppes and Independent Studios:

      • Marketing
      • Site Visits
      • Leases
    • Initiate problem resolution with tenants

    • Rent Collection

    • Problem resolution with tenants

    • Initiate and track incoming rent payments/manage collection process

    Event Management

    • Oversee the ArtsXchange (AX) exhibits

    • Assist as project manager between selection committee, artists & art curator

    • Oversee and process financial transactions

    • Manage support staff needed to execute events

    • Manage/Oversee all internal WADA events to include set up, refreshments & cleanup/closure

    • General Membership Meetings

    • 2nd Saturday Artwalk

    • Committee Events (Education, Membership, etc.)

    • Fundraising events to include Arts Festival/Large Donor

    • Marketing of WADA Events

    • Digital – website, e-blast, social media

    • Work with marketing firm on earned media


    • Responsible for the processing of all bills/invoices, banking transactions and reconciliation of bank statementsManagement of Account Receivables and Account Payables in coordination with the Quickbooks bookkeeper

    • Track incoming rent payments/ manage collection process. Assure that tenant are active members of WADA.

    • Management responsibility for the processing of all bill/invoices

    •   General knowledge of financial databases to include:

    • Quickbooks

    • Bills.com (desired)

     Event Management

    • Oversee the ArtsXchange exhibits

    • Assist as a project manager between selection committee, artists and art curator

    • Oversee and process the financial transactions

    • Manage/Oversee all internal WADA events to include set up, refreshments and cleanup/closure

    • General Membership Meetings

    • 2nd Saturday Artwalk

    • Committee Events (Education, etc.)

    • Fundraising events to include Arts Festival/Large Donor

    • Marketing of WADA Events

    • Digital – website, e-blast, social media

    • Work with marketing firm on earned media


    • Internal communications to all tenants on AX Campus on operational topics

    • External communications to WADA members

    • Manage all social media accounts to include Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and SnapChat   (Ideally, this would be 3-5 hours/week to expand our reach. 2-3 posts per week.)

    • External communication to MailChimp list for weekly WADA Community Digest.  Content is provided by ED/Volunteers.  (distributed on Tuesdays)


    • Work with the Executive Director on agreed to special projects

    • Work with the Board Chair and Executive Director on board meeting preparation

    • Collect and distribute committee reports

    • Work with Board Chair/ED on agenda, distribute pre-meeting

    • Arrange for refreshments

    • Volunteer Committee support to be determined

    • Attend weekly staff meetings

    • Attend board meetings

    • Attend 2nd Saturday Artwalk

    • Manage master calendar of events for WADA

    • Except with the permission of the Executive Director, work at the ArtsXchange office at agreed upon hours

    Preferred Skills

    • Work effectively with others to include the ED and BODSoftware and Digital Tools Used  

    • Software and Digital Tools to include:

    • Quickbooks (willing to train)

    • Bill.com (willing to train)

    • Mailchimp

    • Wild Apricot (CRM database and website)


    • Please provide resume and cover letter attention to:  Renee Dabbs: renee@reneedabbsllc.com 813.382.5378.

    • Total Compensation: $42,000 - $45,000.

  • 08 Jun 2020 1:33 PM | Anonymous

    Damien Bertucelli has been a WADA Business Member for quite a few years. Originally from Brooklyn, NY he moved to Carrollwood in 1994 and now resides in St. Petersburg with his son Daxton and daughter Haven.  He joined Raymond James as a Financial Advisor in 2001 and has provided private wealth management for retirees, entrepreneurs, and professionals for the last 18 years.  Damien is part of the group Vantage Point Advisors of Raymond James with locations in St. Petersburg and Tampa.

    The interest in becoming a member of the Warehouse Arts District Association was his passion for the arts.  Damien is a member of the Tampa Bay Businesses for Culture and the Arts, better known as TBBCA.  He is a board member as well as the previous Chair and President.  The TBBCA endeavors to raise scholarship money for high school students who wish to pursue the arts in college and to further connect the business community with the art community. “It just made sense to join the Warehouse Arts District,” he said.  “Both of these art communities’ interests overlap.”   

    Tapping into his passion for culture and the arts, Damien created the Art and Lobbies program at his downtown Tampa branch, giving local artists the opportunity to showcase their work on the branch’s lobby walls.  A new artist is selected every few months to promote local artists.

    In addition to his love of supporting artists and caring for his family he recently started taking piano lessons.  Damien has a passion for travel especially visiting the National Parks.  Most recently going hiking/mountain biking in Moab, Utah. And hiked the highest peak in Colorado.    

    Raymond James & Associates, Inc., member New York Stock Exchange/SIPC

    100 North Tampa Street, Suite 2400, Tampa, FL 33602 T 813.20
  • 29 May 2020 10:01 AM | Anonymous

    211 Tampa Bay Cares, in partnership with Pinellas County, is providing financial assistance grants to families impacted by COVID 19. 

    If you know someone in the Pinellas area that can benefit, all they would need to do is dial 211 on their phone or text COVIDCARES to 898211. Residents can also apply here: https://covid19.pinellascounty.org/pinellascaresindividual/

    Applicants will be asked to provide proof of Pinellas residence, job loss and other information to qualify. Payments are designed to help with rent, mortgage, or utility payments.

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