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Contact Email:  info@whereartismade.com  Attention: Audrie Cuddy Ranon


  1. Sketch of concept and narrative no longer than one paragraph
  2. Artist statement
  3. JPEG of at least 5 samples of current work
  4. Links to social media/website


The Warehouse Arts District Association in partnership with the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg proudly announces a call to WADA member artists for the YOU GOOD? Campaign --an initiative of the Pinellas Wellness Connection, which is an alliance of behavioral health, mental health, and substance abuse care providers serving residents of Pinellas County. 


The YOU GOOD? Behavioral Health Campaign aims to create a single, unified message that communicates that availability of and access to support, resources, and assistance for people dealing with mental health, behavioral health, and substance abuse.  The goal of this campaign is to saturate Pinellas County with one common contact point for all mental health, behavioral health and substance abuse issues.


ONLY Active Members of the Warehouse Arts District Association in St. Petersburg, FL (non-member artists are eligible to participate after becoming a member) JOIN WADA NOW

  • Artist will provide a one-paragraph narrative of their concept along with a sketch of their idea. Deadline for the concept narrative and sketch is 12/31/2020. 
  • Up to 15 artists will be selected to develop their concept for this special commission - notification will be send by 1/8/2021. 
  • The 15 artists will then have a deadline of 2/1/2021 at 4pm to complete their art and deliver it to the ArtsXchange WADA Admin Office (Burka Member Lounge). 515 22nd Street South, St Petersburg, FL 33712.
  • Selected artworks fitting the theme, submitted by WADA members, will be included in a YOU GOOD? exhibit in the Tully Levin Gallery at the ArtsXchange. Date to be determined.


All commissioned art becomes the property of the Foundation for a Healthy St Petersburg.

The artist agrees that, by submitting their artwork, permission is granted to the Foundation for a Healthy St Petersburg and they may use the art and images of the art at their discretion. 

The artwork will also be used by the Foundation for a Healthy St. Petersburg in future campaigns for the YOU GOOD? Initiative.

Each artist will be required to sign a release when art is dropped off.



    • $1,000 - 15 selected artists will receive for their completed submitted work.
    • In addition to the $1,000 there will be a juried show with awards:
      • First Place - $2,500
        • Second Place - $1,500
        • Third Place - $1,000

          PHASE ONE:  Artists to be considered for the You Good? Art Show

          Art Preliminary Deadline (SEE ITEMS 1-4 BELOW):  December 31, 2020

          WADA Selection Committee will select 15 pieces of work from those who submit to this artist call.  The selection committee will make selections based on overall impact, originality, creativity and mastery of technique.  Decisions by the selection committee will be final. 

          Notifications:  Finalists for the YOU GOOD? Art Show will be notified by January 8, 2021. Finalists will receive $1,000 for their completed work of art.

          Art Completion & Delivery Date: February 1, 2021 4pm

          Requirements to be considered for the show:

          1. Artist must submit the following to:  info@whereartismade.com  Attention:  Audrie Cuddy Ranon:
          2. Sketch of concept and narrative no longer than one paragraph
          3. Artist statement
          4. Jpeg of at least 5 samples of current work
          5. Links to social media
          6. No artist may submit an entry that has been submitted to another YOU GOOD? artist call
          7. No requirements on the medium chosen
          8. No requirement on the dimensions
          9. Works should weigh no more than 35 pounds
          10. No entry fee, must be an active WADA member
          11. Artists are welcome to choose the elements of the campaign branding. To be clear -- it is NOT a requirement to use any of the elements.
            • Color palette
            • Strike-through element
            • The phrase “you good?”
            • Authentic responses to the question “YOU GOOD?”
            • Fonts
            • You may choose to use the logo if appropriate to your artwork, though it is not required:  FC Horizontal@4x.png
                                                                                                                                                                            FC Stacked@4x.png

            PHASE TWO:   Artist Selection

            Notification:                                 January 8, 2021

            Art Completion Submission:     February 1, 2021 - 4pm (Delivered to the Burka Lounge at the ArtsXchange)

            Drop off:  Artwork drop off at the Burka Lounge from 9:00am – 4:00pm on February 1, 2021.  Each artist will sign a release agreement when the art is dropped off.

            Phase Three:  YOU GOOD? Juried Art Show

            Display Dates:  To Be Determined

            Juried Selection:  WADA selection committee will juror the show awarding a first, second and third awards to artists that best depict the show theme.

            Awards will be presented at the YOU GOOD? Show.  Date to be determined.



            • All accepted works of art must be “GALLERY READY” when brought to the event facility (i.e. all hanging works must include an installed horizontal wire).  NO SAWTOOTH HANGARS>
            • Artist with 3D work requiring a pedestal MUST provide one before show opening.  Pedestal(s) must be stable, white/black and tall enough for the work to be near eye level.
            • Works should not weigh more than 35 pounds.
            • WADA reserve the right to reject works if they do not reflect the concept presented in the call to artist request.
            • WADA reserved the right to reject works if they are not presented in the format specified.  Please contact info@whereartismade.com if you have concerns whether your work meets gallery presentation requirements.
            • Artists may not substitute another work for the accepted work.


              The campaign seeks to normalize authentic feelings and experiences and offers support and resources to people in Pinellas County, no matter what they are going through.  The audience for this campaign is broad, and ultimately all messaging and efforts should endeavor to drive people to call the central help line at 727.791.3131 or visit the website www.yougoodpinellas.org.

              Together we can leverage this campaign to raise awareness, de-stigmatize the conversation of mental health, and provide a cohesive message of unity, support, and understanding to everyone dealing with mental health, behavioral health, or substance abuse issues in Pinellas County.

              Art has the power to connect and unite, and WADA Artist’s interested in engaging with this campaign are invited to create original or existing work that address the idea and message of the YOU GOOD? theme. 

              Artists are encouraged to design their project to or about one or more of the following groups and geographic areas in Pinellas County:

              • Black Community
              • Latinx Community
              • Hmong Community
              • LGBTQ+ Community
              • Senior Citizens
              •  Children, Teens or Youth
              • People with Disabilities
              • South St. Pete
              •  North Ridge
              • Greenwood
              • Lealman
              • Safety Harbor
              • Tarpon Springs


              IMPORTANT DATES

              • December 31, 2020:   Deadline for concept entries
              • January 8, 2021:   Email notification of acceptance .  Up to 15 winners will receive $1,000 in compensation for their work.
              • February 1, 2021:   All accepted work is to be dropped off at the Burka Lounge at the Warehouse Arts District Association ArtsXchange by 4:00 pm.
              • February-March 2021: Exact dates of exhibition and award event to be determined:
                • Juried show with first, second and third place awards.
                • YOU GOOD? Art Show and Event
                • Art Walk Second Saturday Show
                • Commissioned art will be a part of the permanent collection at Foundation for a Health St Petersburg Facility


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